With your help as Blockvesters, we'll build the healthiest, most sustainable preschool in the Cedar Valley!

To build the healthiest, most energy efficient and sustainable place for our children, we need to raise $90,000 for project completion (2012 costs). If the Buy-A-Block donation program is successful, we’ll have roughly $17,000 remaining for cost overruns, general needs and establishing a scholarship program for families who need assistance. We hope to meet our funding goals by July 2013 and project completion by December 2014.

In exchange for your gratiously-accepted donation of $39.97, you'll receive the following:

  • Your hand-written name forever on one of our 2679 foundation blocks (our final improvement will be new exterior insulation and siding!),
  • A time capsule event to signify goal completion, to be re-opened in 2037 and returned to you.
  • You will be automatically entered in a draw for a chance to win one of two Apple iPads.
  • For more details, visit us online cvpccc.com


    1) Check: Please provide a check for $39.97 payable to the Cedar Valley Preschool and Child Care Center, along with a note regarding your donation (your name and address and any special notes), and either mail or drop by the Center (to the attention of Billing). Our mailing address is 724 Lantz Avenue, Cedar Falls, IA 50613

    2) Cash: Feel free to bring your cash donation of $39.97 by the Center in an envelope (to the attention of Billing), and place it in our indoor secure lock box.

    3) Credit Card: Use our secure checkout checkout below to pay by Credit Card.

    note: If you would like to purchase more than one block, please pay by Check or Cash.